Maria Cristina MITU

Maria Cristina is a Founding Partner of Mitu Solicitors and the coordinator of the consultancy department.


Maria Cristina has been a qualified solicitor since 2001, having extensive experience both in assisting and representing clients in courts, as well as in offering legal advice on aspects of corporate and civil law, public procurement and public-private partnerships.

Since 2012, Maria Cristina became an insolvency practitioner, quality in which she was involved in reorganization but also bankruptcy procedures of some companies with public and private capital and she set up Mitu Insolvency, getting involved in insolvency procedures, judicial reorganization and liquidations.

In 2017, Maria Cristina became a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and in 2018 she set up Mitu Solicitors, a law firm authorised to operate in England and Wales. The purpose of the new company is to provide:

1. the Romanian community, individuals or companies, from the United Kingdom, with access to quality legal services in the Romanian language.

2. the citizens living in Romania with the possibility of exploiting their acquired rights before the Romanian courts against persons living in the United Kingdom (eg child support pensions, other amounts owed by the Romanian citizens established in the United Kingdom).

3. companies operating in Romania and in a commercial dispute that can be settled in the United Kingdom

As a Managing Partner, Maria Cristina ensures, through the team with whom she works, a perfect quality of the services offered, both by coordinating the team of solicitors and by being actively involved in each project. Secondly, Maria Cristina ensures that each service is performed as efficiently as possible, in order to provide clients with high professionalism in the shortest possible time and with minimum costs.

Her lifestyle is based on open and clear communication, taking on objectives and meeting them. She inspires her colleagues, she is consistent and shows a real interest in identifying solutions for each situation.

Clients appreciate at Maria Cristina, apart from her solid legal knowledge and experience, her deep understanding of their activity, which allows her to offer the best legal services according to the clients' situations.